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AEGIS Specialist Risk Management

AEGIS Hearts & Minds

AEGIS Hearts & Minds charitable organization.  We provide urgent services and useful comforts to men, women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Soon, we will expand operations to war torn countries in Africa.

 Rebuilding conflict-ravaged communities is a massive job, but it’s done one project at a time.  AEGIS Hearts & Minds will get these projects done very cost effectively. In fact, nearly 100% of the money raised going forward will be used to directly support projects.

If you would like to help win hearts & minds please send donations to:

Hearts & Minds
Attn: Katherine Hein
1655 North Fort Myer Drive
Suite 360
Arlington VA 22209

 To apply for funding from AEGIS Hearts & Minds, please fill out an application.  

 Here are our criteria:

  • The project must be in Iraq or Afghanistan (with other countries to follow in 2008)
  • Applicants must be nationals of an eligible country
  • Projects do not exceed $10,000 each, and an example of a popular projects was $3000 to provide clean drinking water to a school in Iraq.

 This is how we win hearts and minds – by showing those in critical and difficult situations that their needs are understood.  Please email completed applications to


Iraqi Exceptional Needs Children Receive Wheelchairs From Aegis Hearts & Minds

January 25, 2009 – Today Aegis Hearts & Minds distributed 40 wheelchairs to Iraqi children ages two to 13. An additional 10 chairs will be distributed at a later date. Iraqi exceptional needs children and their families gathered at the Iraqi Maternity Hospital Mansour in Baghdad for the event coordinated by the Iraq Red Crescent Society (ICRS) and Reach Out and Care "Wheelchairs for Iraq Kids."

"The need is very great. These chairs will greatly help the children and their mothers," exclaimed Dr. Mahdi Salih Thiab, representing ICRS. Over 200 people gathered as the wheelchairs were assembled and customized by volunteers on site to fit each individual child. The volunteers were from Aegis Defence Services Limited, Aegis Hearts & Minds, and Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids.

Aegis Hearts & Minds is a non-profit charitable organization working with local communities to undertake critical and life-improving project. The wheelchairs distributed in Baghdad were provided by Reach Out and Care with funds from an Aegis Hearts & Minds grant

The families and their children, about to receive their wheelchair

Many of these children are afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. Others have disabilities, cause unknown.

As these children grow, they really become an armful. Lots of parents complain
of back pain from having to lift the children so many times every day. The
wheelchairs are a huge blessing for them in that the kids are now easily transported,
and in some cases can move about on their own strength.

First boy is carried to his wheelchair

Katherine was great with the kids. She talked to them, and they liked her smile.

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